Monday, December 6, 2010


I know Thanksgiving was a couple of weeks ago, but I never got around to counting my blessings. Better late than never, right?!?

I am thankful for...

my family...all of it! My blood relatives that are always there for me, and my in-laws who have welcomed me into their family so graciously. I am so glad that I was able to marry into a wonderful, supportive family. My mother-in-law has been a HUGE help by coming down and watching Trapper so that I can sleep.

my son. Trapper has changed my life the best way possible! He brings joy to my life everyday by learning a new word/action or doing something that is just too adorable. I love each stage of his life better than the next and I always look forward to what will happen next!

my job. I love what I do and am happy to have my job in this economy. I love the flexibility my job offers.

my husband. He is so good to me! He works hard to provide for our family and this has allowed me to be able to stay at home with Trapper more this first year and a half. That may be the best thing, because you can't get that time back.

my friends. I have only known Valerie for a little over a year, but it was an instant connection. I am so thankful that y'all were placed in our lives and brought others into it as well. I met Ashley through Valerie and we just seem to get closer. I love both of you girls and your families. Thanks for all that y'all have done for ours! I am also thankful for my best friend, also known as mom. She is there for me in anything and everything. She is almost always able to keep Trapper at the drop of a hat or just hang out with me and have a drink or girl-time. Thanks for EVERYTHING that you do for me!

my house. While it's not big or fancy or even clean all the time, I am glad to have it. It keeps me warm/cool, dry and safe. It's a work in progress that will probably always be that way, but it is OURS! I guess our cars fit in this category, too. We both have reliable transportation that fits our needs for the time being.

the panhandle. I love this part of the world! You can't beat the sunsets or the people. I (now) love the fact that I grew up in Happy and would much rather live a simple life here than a busy life in a big city. They are fun to visit, but not my idea of a great place to live and raise a family.

my mechanic/plumber/general contractor/dad. He has saved us tons of money with his knowledge of just about everything. I will never be able to reapy you for your work.

my church. I started attending Paramount Terrace Christian Church when I was 14, and although it has changed names, locations, pastors and even expanded to Canyon, it is an amazing family to be a part of. I especially love that they have expanded to Canyon. It is closer for us and a smaller congregation that is not so intimidating. And I just found out yesterday that we have bought a building! No more setting up and tearing down our church! I hope that this helps us be able to reach even more people!

I'm sure there is so much more that I could come up with, but that covers the biggies. I hope everyone had a wonderful, thankful Thanksgiving!

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